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“JJ was excellent to work with. He did an outstanding job creating the third generation of our class shirts website: ClassroomFaces.com. He was prompt at returning phone calls and emails and the site was even completed ahead of schedule. Our old site was not laid out well and was not compatible in all web browsers. The site JJ made is laid out perfectly and does work on all the major browsers we tested, even mobile devices! I would recommend his web design services to anyone.”

Doug Straka

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3EI offers affordable custom website solutions that will reflect your company's services clearly and professionally. All website designs are custom made and are done in house with the goal of providing you with an website design that gets you results. 3EI prides itself on an excellent customer experience and always takes the time to explain the details of your project to ensure you get what you need and only what you need.

Below are a list of services commonly provided in a website design project:

  • Design of website page structure
  • Design of website navigation scheme and content structure "view samples / types here"
  • Design of overall layout of web pages look and feel
  • Design of graphics for use in implementation of page layouts
  • Image optimization and/or editing for use in site "images supplied by client"
  • Inclusion of standard Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tags such as META and ALT

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Website Redesign Services

Is your current site not up to your standards?
3EI wholly intends to exceed your standards. A well designed website will tell your existing clients, as well and new clientele, that your company is aware of its market and committed to its customers. It will exude the confidence necessary to quickly develop the trust of future clients and business partners that a poorly designed site just can't.

Re-design prices will vary based on the scope of the project. Contact us today to get a free quote. (203)702-7081

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The #1 question our clients have when starting off of course is "How much will a website cost?".website pricing
Asking how much a website costs is like asking how much does a car cost. It all depends on how nice of a car you want and what extras you will need or would like in it. That's why 3EI custom quotes each website project based on your needs and expectations to ensure you get what you need and only what you need.
This is why 3EI does not offer packaged website deals at a set price.
To set a price for a website without knowing all of the details, features and functions may lead to a website costing more for options or functions you may have unexpectedly needed, or an end product being ineffective due to time spent on these unknown factors.

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The Website Design Process

web design steps
Step 1: Free Consultation - CALL (203)702-7081

A free consultation is made before quoting your project to ensure you get what you need and only what you need.

During the consultation we will go over your website's requirements, objectives, timelines, and any design ideas you may have. At this time we will also go over topics such as domain name registration, website hosting, and project materials such as images and text that will be used in your website. 3EI encourages you to ask any questions you may have regarding your project at this and at anytime during your project's development.
Step 2: Quotes, Payments & Agreements

QUOTES: Once we have gathered the information needed and a complete understanding of what you are looking for is established, a quote will then be made.

PAYMENTS: Usually an initial payment of 50% of total Project quote is required to begin and a final payment is due upon completion of the Project. This can differ as defined in the Third Eye Imagery, LLC Service Agreement.

AGREEMENTS: All clients are required to sign the Third Eye Imagery, LLC Service Agreement before any work will begin. This agreement sets for the practices and policies of 3EI, and covers important topics such as Material ownership.
Step 3: Project Designs / Mockups

Static design previews such as jpeg images and/or mockups for your website will be posted in a preview area online or emailed to you for review. This process may continue throughout the course of the Project to allow you to make suggestions, changes, and approvals for various elements and/or phases of the Project.

Most website's homepage is mocked up first, as this page's structure is usually the basis for all the other web pages throughout the website.

Step 4: Coding & Revisions

Once a design or mockup is approved it will be broken down and coded into a web page. At this point a master template may be made if the Project calls for it. This template will then be used for creating other pages in the site.

Since not all elements or web pages of a website need to be designed/mocked-up ahead of time as in Step3, at this point you will have the opportunity to make suggestions, changes, and approvals for those various elements, pages and/or phases of the Project.

Step 5: Proofing & Testing

At this point, all pages and elements of your website and/or web pages will have been completed and tested internally and will be posted in a testing area online. You will then have the opportunity to review the website yourself and ensure that all of it's content is accurate, test all links, and any other functions that may have been included in your website.
Step 6: Launch / Delivery

After your final approval, your website and/or web pages will be launched / posted live online or delivered to you.

The final payment is due upon final launch and/or delivery of the elements required for the website. This can differ as defined in the Third Eye Imagery, LLC Service Agreement.